My Books

“Indeed, we should never be weary of writing and reading about Jesus.” -John Newton

I have written six books as an outflow of my ministry to ignite a passion for worship in all of life by helping people to know and treasure Jesus. Click on any of the books below to find out more, read them in their entirety for free online, or purchase them on Amazon.

King & Country



King & Country traces the theme of God’s Kingdom through the Bible. This is the story that brings the entire biblical narrative together and transforms every area of life. You can read the entire book online at




Ruining Christmas



Ruining Christmas takes on the tinsel industry and seeks to dismantle our over-sentimentalized notions of the Christmas story. In the process, you’ll discover that the true nativity story is richer, deeper, and better than you ever imagined. Read more here.





the story of jesus- cover1


The Story of Jesus is a devotional aimed at elementary- and middle-school students and their families. The goal is to draw kids into the stories of the life of Jesus to see the King’s spectacular heart. Read more here.







Cross Connections explores the lines of motivation that the biblical writers draw between the gospel and the Christian life. The Christian life was meant to be lived in these connections. Every single thing that Christians are commanded to do, think, say, or believe is explicitly tied back to Jesus’ death and resurrection, and Cross Connections unpacks these connections to help us live in the power of them. Read more here.




Final Cover


Grace That Taught My Heart To Fear seeks to answer the question, “What does the gospel have to do with the biblical command to ‘fear God?'” This short book explores the paradox of wrath and love, holiness and grace at the very heart of reality. Read more here.





World Flesh Devil Cover


The World, the Flesh, and the Devil is a field manual for the war of sanctification, equipping believers with the best weapon of all: the gospel. Take the fight to all your enemies with the truths in this book. Read more here.