A Better Country

It’s official: I’m writing a new book. This project has been slowly progressing, percolating around my brain for two years, growing and changing in response to events that have occurred and other books I’ve read, and it’s finally time to put it down on paper. This time I’m tackling what I think is the most urgent need of American evangelicalism at this moment in history: recovering a theology of the kingdom of God that shapes our political engagement. My goal is to help believers ground their identity not in partisanship but in their heavenly citizenship, and their political activity not in right-left dichotomies but in the priorities of the new creation. Right now I’m planning on a collection of 10 essays, each of which can stand on their own.


1) Strangers and Exiles: Temporary Residents in a Temporary World
2) Thy Kingdom Come: The Agenda of King Jesus
3) A Gnostic Gospel: Recovering the Hope of Resurrection
4) Liberty and Justice For All: Shalom, Jubilee, and the Mission of the Church
5) We Come From the Future: Embodying the Priorities of New Jerusalem
6) Ambassadors of Reconciliation: Doing Politics as Outsiders
7) Linking Arms with the Damned: Pluralism and the Common Good
8) In Nebuchadnezzar’s Court: Speaking Truth to Power
9) I Pledge Allegiance to the King: Caesar, Christ, and the Flag
10) The Prodigal State: Liberal Democracy’s Forgotten Origins

Please pray for me, that what I write would be helpful; that my words would be free from any bias other than the gospel; that this book would promote unity rather than division; and that ultimately this book would glorify Jesus, “ruler of the kings of the earth” (Revelation 1:5).

“A Better Country: Recovering a Political Theology of Kingdom”- coming, Lord willing, spring 2018

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